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Datteln 4 power station

“To be against it” seems to be a typical German attitude which is cultivated with fervour. At least that is the impression you get when you look at industrial projects. A train station in the south of Germany, a runway in Hesse, wind generators at different locations: everywhere you will find action groups with arguments against the respective project. And the adequate press coverage. Under these circumstances it is quite remarkable when someone is all for it – and says so.

In Datteln, at the north-easterly border of the Ruhr area, a coal fired power station is being built that has acquired resistance from several groups. And that happened already before the momentary discussion about climate change and the part that coal fired power stations play in it stepped up. But, and that is quite extraordinary, there also appeared an initiative which speaks clearly for it.

The opponents are to be found as „IG Meistersiedlung“, a housing estate which owns its existence to a coal mine. Their point of view can be found on the internet under It is an association of different environmental groups arguing together on many levels and, in parts, is not short of polemics.

The supporters: under the name of “JA! zu Datteln 4” the initiative speaks clearly for the power station. Another surprise is that the spokesperson is a resident of that same Meistersiedlung. Arguments for the power station can be found under, where they are presented in a matter-of-fact and quite neutral way.

This initiative is a good example for saying “Yes” if you are for a cause, be it in Datteln or somewhere else. And not only because saying “Yes” is promoted as a step towards a healthier lifestyle in seminars and coaching nowadays (in a different context, of course). But also, because a lot of time, money and nerves could be saved if it is apparent that a greater majority is for it and says so – in public. If you don’t, you might have to leave the EU.


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