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Author: Joerg


Hello everybody,

the game is afoot! Thanks for the help I received fine-tuning the technicalities and also for the first donations! And here is the video.

By the way: whatever the button says when you are on the English donation page: I do not collect any money personally. Every donation goes ‘dreckly to the Movember foundation Just saying, because the German button says “Donation for Jörg”. That is a little ambigous.

The Mo
The Mo

assisstance for male cancers, cancer of the prostate, cancer prevention, testicular cancer


“And how did you know?”

Almost everyone has asked me just that when I’ve told them I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“I Didn’t.”


“You don’t notice it, or you don’t notice it until it’s advanced.”

“OK, so how did you know then?”

“PSA level had gone up.”

“The what level?”

I could continue the dialogue for quite some time. But just so you don’t have to read on for so long here are the two key messages:

Number one, of course, goes only to men and is, “Get your PSA level checked regularly.”

The second (but you don’t have to be a man for this): I’m asking you, now, in November 2023, to make a small donation to the Movember Foundation, which works worldwide to raise funds for testicular and prostate cancer research and cure and distribute them to national research institutions.

You can donate by scanning the QR code in the pictute at the top or by clicking here:

OK, so if you do want to read on, I’ll tell you a bit more about my motivations and back story.

assisstance for male cancers, cancer of the prostate, cancer prevention, Movember, testicular cancer

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Instant noodle soups for my work-from-home lunch

And now for something completely different. When I work from home, I like to spend my 30-minute lunch break in the kitchen – on the one hand to get a break from work, and on the other hand to get something fresh and delicious to eat. A few months ago I came across instant noodle soups that are so popular in Asia and I think it’s really good. Why? Packet soup? It’s not healthy at all, is it? So, the main reason is that I get a freshly prepared delicious and healthy main course within 10 minutes and I actually still have 20 minutes to enjoy my meal.

Healthy eating, Quick lunch, WFH-lunch

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Sleeping in a locomotive shed – an excellent example of the re-use of industrial buildings

The Ruhr area is not the only region with examples of the successful re-use of industrial buildings. At the beginning of October, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Lund. While searching for a hotel, I noticed one which, according to internet information, is located in a former locomotive shed. With my weakness for old industrial culture, and especially for railways, the choice fell on this hotel. And it is definitely worth a blog post.

Hotel, Railway, re-use of industrial buildings, travel

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