Sleeping in a locomotive shed – an excellent example of the re-use of industrial buildings

The Ruhr area is not the only region with examples of the successful re-use of industrial buildings. At the beginning of October, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Lund. While searching for a hotel, I noticed one which, according to internet information, is located in a former locomotive shed. With my weakness for old industrial culture, and especially for railways, the choice fell on this hotel. And it is definitely worth a blog post.

Hotel, Railway

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Industrial photography – historical documentation and aesthetic creation

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to accompany a group of industrial photographers on a tour of a power station. To be more precise, to a decommissioned unit at Scholven power plant in Gelsenkirchen, my home town.

Photography, Gelsenkirchen, Industrial Photography, Industrial History, Scholven power plant, Art, Photography, Ruhr Area

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Staying the night in England: Hotel?

To get around London in a car without getting stuck in a traffic jam in my experience is only possible during the summer months outside holidays with dry weather during the week at night between three and four in the morning. But that should not be the starting point for your journey planning. It is much more comfortable to plan an extra day of travel when going North or West. Seen from the perspective of arrival at Dover, of course. This brings you to the question of where to stay the night.

England, Frome, Knoll Hill Farm, Somerset, travel

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